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Britannica: Expedition Learn — The Path to Knowledge Starts Here

Standards-Aligned Lessons that Spark Curiosity and Foster Exploration.

Dive into the world of Expedition: Learn! Our groundbreaking platform seamlessly combines captivating, reliable content with tailored instruction and instant progress monitoring.

Elevate your curriculum and set your students on the path to success.

🚀 How Expedition: Learn Works:

  • Spark Interest: Kickstart lessons with engaging videos introducing key topics and terms.

  • Build Understanding: Dive deep into every topic with Britannica's trusted articles. Cater to diverse reading abilities with four distinct reading levels. Validate comprehension and vocabulary grasp with integrated, auto-scored assessments.

  • Connect Learning: Encourage students to interlink learned concepts, guiding them to assimilate knowledge and derive conclusions and insights.

  • Learn More: Offer additional Britannica resources for inquiry-based exploration, allowing students to further their understanding and delve into related subjects.

Britannica Education

Inspiring curiosity and the joy of learning since 1768.

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